Book me for the day, I’ll be your dedicated in-house

marketing guru... graphic designer... web design ninja... omelette chef... brand strategist... social media advisor... facebook ad guy...

Imagine your online branding, web design and technical needs DONE FOR YOU—with agency-level quality—at a fraction of the cost!

[minus the overwhelm and frustration!]

Have you already invested precious time, energy and money in your personal brand and digital assets, but it seems as if your effort isn’t paying off yet?

In fact, you might be stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, and not sure where to turn next.

How would you feel about a one-on-one consultation with a top marketing guy and dedicated branding expert. to review your marketing materials? This process will help your personal brand to produce tangible results, within mere days not months.

Imagine having a reliable expert on your team dedicated to getting you results…

Auditing your entire marketing arsenal including, but not limited to web design, blog, email and social media assets. Turn them around to bring more targeted leads, prospects, clients and sales into your pipeline.

Or, how about allowing me to craft your brand message and assets from scratch? This will save you weeks, if not months of intensive, creative labor, and will definitely eliminate the inherent frustration and technical drawbacks.

Deep down, you know that you need a brand, which not only shines, but also generates significant profit—month after month—and keeps you in business for many years to come.

Wouldn’t it be great to book me for a day, and have me crush all the items on your ‘must-do’ list, one by one? See if you qualify below.

Guaranteed quick turnaround for services.

By completing the work in a single day (or multiple days if required), I will be your dedicated brand strategist, and in-house marketing expert.

I will execute both creative and technical tasks, whether they’re simple or more complex, while going from concept to launch in a matter of hours or days vs. weeks or months.

What do you need help with right NOW?

Marketing Strategy and Consulting

Big results are not an accident. It takes a team with the skills and ideas to determine the right plan of action for your business, and the know-how to execute the plan and attract the right prospects.

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Branding and Logo Development

Give your business a brand that is personal and professional. A strong identity should be memorable and attract your tribe. We can build a brand for you that creates connections and builds trust.

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Website Design and Development

​Expose your products and services to a worldwide audience. We can help you define and execute an effective online strategy that connects with your ideal client and turns them into buying customers. We specialize in eCommerce stores, online course creation membership sites as well as book and author sites.

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Website Marketing

Our team can show you how to attract the right traffic to your site by employing the latest trends in adversting (Facebook, Google, YouTube), search engines optimization (SEO), list building, sales funnels, email and content marketing.

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Social Media Marketing

Our social media gurus can help you pick the right social platform (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok) and build a strategy to reach, engage and start attracting your perfect audience and getting new sales for your business.

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Print Design and Commercial Printint

Our design and marketing team will help you gain an advantage over your competition. We will help you create beautiful collateral material that keeps your brand at the top of your customer’s mind.

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Website Hosting, Support and Maintenance

Our friendly, experienced team is ready to assist you with the tasks you don’t have time for or need extra help to keep your website running fast, looking fresh and working to bring you new business, happy clients and more sales.

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You don’t need an expert full-time, but having one for a couple of days sure would be handy.

Want to learn more about what we can do together?

What can we achieve in a day that will make your brand shine and attract ongoing revenue & profit?

Here are a few vital things that I will be able to accomplish for you, to help unlock the full potential of your digital business and brand:

  • A complete done-for-you brand strategy to help you attain the necessary clarity & confidence in your niche, plus mood board design.
  • Mini brand identity package, including a simple logo, colors, fonts, & style guide, to express your unique personal brand like a pro.
  • Print collateral pieces to attract offline targeted audiences to your website (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, posters, banners, and signs), as well as ad specialty (cups, pens, shirts and a catalog of other items).
  • Clean up the overall look and feel of your WordPress or Squarespace website to accelerate its loading speed, while providing visitors with a pleasant reading and buying experience (includes plugin updates and tech conflict solving).
  • Create a custom-designed eBook or other lead-magnet (in mini & full width presentation), to capture your visitors’ data. This will help attract hot leads to build masses of raving fans and an extensive client mailing database.
  • Checklist items of general design or content updates that you need done or fixed on your digital platforms. 
  • Move your existing website from an outdated or ineffective platform to WordPress or SquareSpace and run your business inside your industry like an pro.
  • And so much more… when you join!

Get your VIP Intensive Implementation Day and instantly receive $1,000 worth of additional resources…
if you take action and book me today…

BONUS 1: ($350 value)

Before I get to the one-day, nitty-gritty, done-for-you session, we’ll have an exciting 45-minute strategic coaching call. We could use this opportunity to review your current brand, website needs, and marketing goals. We’ll clarify in detail your most essential objectives, create a list of items you’ll need to provide so that you get the most out of our time together!

 BONUS 2: ($500 value)

After you book your date with me, I’ll provide you with a brand and marketing assessment.  If you have any last-minute questions about your brand, or need clarity about your market or services, this session will help you fill in the gaps.

BONUS 3: ($150 value)

After wrapping up our day together, you will receive 30 days of premium support direct through email and Facebook Messenger. You’ll be able to contact me with crucial questions or even the silliest of inquiries, and you’ll receive my prompt, expert feedback. I will even create a custom tutorial video for you if you get stuck on any design-related tasks.

The Process

Our 4-step process makes your VIP day massively productive and is designed to completely transform your brand and business in one day!

Here are the steps we’ll follow when you “BOOK ME FOR THE DAY”:

Step 1:


Pick a Date for Implementation!

Step 1: Schedule

Pick a day that works best for you.  Make sure that you give yourself time to do the homework before we start the implementation day. On our implementation day, you’ll need to be virtually “available” to respond with feedback as I work through your project or task list. You can book your date with a 50% deposit, or you can pay in full.

Step 2:


Gather Essential Information

Step 2: Prepare

After you book your day session with me, I will send you two emails. These emails are important so keep your eyes open for them (don’t see them—check your spam folder). I will give you important instructions and details regarding the homework that you will need to prepare in advance, a link to resources and a link to schedule your pre-session call with me.

Step 3:


Your VIP Work Day!

Step 3: implement

This is the day we get it all done. We will communicate via Facebook Messenger or other online messaging service while I’m working on your list or project. I work best with no distrations so this will not be an in-person meeting or live zoom session.

Step 4: Support

Keeping the Momentum Moving Forward!

Step 4: Support

Once our session is done, I will be available for the next 30 days via messager and email so you can reach out if you get stuck, feel lost or confused on anything related to the work we accomplished. You will be able to request feedback as well as personalized walk-through videos as-needed.

Turn Your Brand Into Ongoing Profit!

Book Your VIP Day today with your deposit of $1,500!


Are there any other ways that we can work with you?

Technically, the answer is yes.

But I want to explain to you why I prefer this process. 

I’ve been a designer for over two decades. I’ve been a part of hundreds of projects—of all shapes and sizes—ranging from one day to year-long engagements. I’ve seen it all.

The honest truth is—a good number projects I’ve worked on (that I’m comfortable with) have ended in frustration; either by myself, my client, or both.

And, that isn’t good for anyone. No one wants to wait around for their project to be finished. And I think every client needs to be treated with excellence.

Most designers will agree, however, that it is frustrating when a project timeline is set, but gets derailed when communication or feedback isn’t prompt, if there are delays in receiving images, copy or other requirements needed for the project.

So, to fill the gaps created by altered timelines, designers book more clients. But, as soon as that happens, the prior client calls and is “ready to go”. Now, the designer is under pressure to juggle multiple clients, projects, expectations and deadlines. Reality for the designer gets more stressful.

Frustrations grow, and we feel like we’re letting everyone down, productivity goes down and nobody wins. 

At this point, no one is having any fun and the quality of service that I’m providing my client is lacking.

When we work together for a day, it’s essential that we both show up prepared and ready to work. You arrive with everything I’ll need in order to make the day a success. And, because the day is yours, my attention is only on one person—You!

While we’re working, we are more efficient, accomplishing more in less time. Energy is high, we’re crushing your goals and making progress.

We’re focused, we’re getting results—You and me—no distractions! Our time spent is productive and you are now able to celebrate!

Let me help you…

The core of my business is helping people. Yes, I love building brands and designing websites, online stores and beautiful marketing peices… I love launching products building automated marketing systems. I love creating social media and lead generating funnels to build your list of prospects and turn them into paying customers and raving fans.

But, the real win for me happens when we leverage your expertise and business knowledge and we build something together that powerfully and effectively will impact your business.

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