Designing your Brand!

Step 1: Discovery

Branding Form

  • The Basics

    To make your brand the best it can be, I'm going to need your assistance. Would you please take a few moments and provide me with responses to the questions below. If you don't have an answer for every question, that's okay. However, I want to let you know, my brand clients that get the absolute best results, always take the time to think about these questions and give me their best responses.
  • About You

  • About the Project

  • Timeline and Budget

4-Step Branding Process


YOU ARE HERE. I’m inquisitive. In the discovery step, I really want to know your business, industry, competition and customers. I will ask you lots of questions. I will ask you to drill down with me to the core of how people see you now and how you want them to see you moving forward.


The creative work begins. I will build a brand roadmap for you from the information and research and I’ve gained in the discovery step. I will use this roadmap in the creative step to create a variety of concepts for you to review as a launching point. 


In step 3, we will take the best ideas and concepts from step 2 and, in a back-and-forth process. During this time, I will work with your feedback as well as provide professional input. We will work together to refine any rough edges until the greatness of your brand shows through. 


Once have landed on the final version and you’ve approved a design, we will finalize the master brand assets including logos, brand colors, fonts, etc. I will prepare a set of basic brand guidelines. The guidelines will be your bible, ensuring the logo usage is clear and your brand stays consistent.

Thank You’s!

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